LDOs can be disguised, appearing as a tough timely task; others are blatantly obvious i.e. attending a ‘Leadership’ course!

With the surprise resignation, stepping down of the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, here’s a great LDO for one of the Cardinals to ‘Step Up’ and sit in the role until the new Pope is voted in. In some cases, when you Step Up, you have to fulfil two roles – however the experience is priceless.

In my experience of facilitating Leadership programs, the notion of ’Volunteering’ is for many an ‘Ah Ha’ moment. Realising doing work, sharing skills to help others, at no cost, is an ideal way to try new found behaviours which support, inspire and direct others.

Proactively arranging a project of social event, for a group of people is a LDO. Communicating, planning, creating followers and making things happen is what Leadership is all about. If you go beyond and above your normal duties or activities you’re pushing your personal boundaries and developing.

If you’re fortunate to have a Leadership Development program in your business or organisation – ask to become involved. If you’re on your own quest and need a guide, then connect with me and I’ll send you a Handbook.

So, step up, volunteer your skills & time and proactively arrange your own leadership development!