Shaping The Human Race

Being a business owner you’re always ‘open’. Open to ideas, business transactions and new relationships. I’m not saying if you’re a paid employee you don’t think this way – however, you generally have colleagues who ‘help out’.

Today is different. My son Patrick is home from school due to the Teacher’s industrial dispute. I am fully supportive of the dispute, I believe our teachers, along with parents/grandparents shape the future human race, so let’s pay them heaps!

To have one child at home and not the other is infrequent, so a whole day with him is a gift. Bike riding, tennis & swimming are on his agenda (I didn’t go for a run this morning!) and we might go up to the golf club for lunch and hit a few balls on the practise range! This will be a ‘shaping’ day – an opportunity to talk, play and laugh together.

So, while they are still asleep, I will rush through a few matters and then close the door and put the ‘office is closed’ sign out. I will even leave the iPad & iPhone alone!

It’s a huge challenge for me as I am passionate about what I do and about those I touch with my business. But, a BIG BUT, who is more important to influence and listen to?