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My Wellbeing Focus

What does wellbeing mean to you? How do you lead your wellbeing life?

I am fascinated about sleep and I was delighted with the content of this book, The Sleep Solution. 

I've jotted a few notes and you might find them useful if your sleep is cracked or broken!

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Together with Cynthia Mahoney, we facilitate Wellbeing Workshops for busy Women.

We guide you to make decisions to remove the busyness and replace with values aligned activities using your identifyed key strengths.

I'm excited to announce that our next workshop is the 9th of February 2018 - EARLY BIRD tickets are available for a limited period. Our last workshop sold out. BOOK NOW

OR, Take the Wellbeing Challenge for Busy Women.

6-Week Well-Being Challenge For Busy Women

Commencing 1st of January 2018. 

This is our first Wellbeing Challenge for 2018. Join us from the 1st of January 2018 to get your year sorted.

This is our first Wellbeing Challenge for 2018. Join us from the 1st of January 2018 to get your year sorted.

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Hierarchies are flattening, blaming isn't accepted and everyone is expected to lead. This means everyone needs to be accountable, adaptable and communicate assertively. This program for organisations will inspire members to drive change and performance.



If you're considering an acquisition or merger, then stop. You must read this book by Linley Watson. Too often, decisions are made without considering the deal breaker - the people and culture of the organisation. Don't be a failure statistic and wreck your reputation by stuffing up the changes you're thinking about for your organisation.


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Louise specialises in leadership development. She will marry your technical expertise with her leadership knowledge and experience.

Louise will guide you to experiment with techniques and tools to communicate with influence, inspire with your behaviour and make an impact with a shared belief of the people you lead. 

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