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Holding The Floor

It's not easy to engage 70 women at a conference! Louise is facilitating a 'power hour' sharing techniques to practise Leadership.

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Hierarchies are flattening, blaming isn't accepted and everyone is expected to lead. This means everyone needs to be accountable, adaptable and communicate assertively. This program for organisations will inspire members to drive change and performance.


The Swoosh Story

I've just finished reading Shoe Dog - A memoir by the creator of Nike. 

With children who are easily targeted by media advertising, we have a wardrobe of NIKE. Tops, pants, socks and of course, shoes.

My daughter Jennifer is so obsessed with NIKE, that .... read my book review which includes my leadership thoughts and lessons.




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Together with Cynthia Mahoney, we facilitate Wellbeing Workshops for Women.

We start the conversation of rediscovering 'what is most important in life' and making plans to keep it in focus. Our aim is to get you busy on the important stuff rather than busy at everything.

Our next workshop is being held in Melbourne on the 3rd of November 2017. Tickets now available.










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Louise is a specialist in the area of leadership development. Her goal is to marry your technical expertise with her experience, knowledge and skill of leadership.

Louise will guide you and hold you accountable to experiment with an increased focus on how you communicate, influence, inspire and make an impact on the lives of the people you lead. 

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