I design & facilitate workshops.

Engage, involve and solve. Use your talent to build your business.

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I will engage, empower and motivate your team and audience.

Let me explore leadership intelligence to create thriving relationships in your business.



The Female Factor addresses what's preventing women rising in their careers & provides a framework to live out their leadership intent with confidence.


Excellent emotional intelligence/creates an open comfortable trusted environment. A true facilitator who reads the audience well.
— The Female Factor Program Participant - Senior Public Service Manager


I’ve always been impressed with the approach of Julie Bishop.

Polite & presses the point of requiring more women in leadership.

Read this article to keep ahead of the trends in Leadership -> READ

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Let’s talk about the F word.

Feelings. Often avoided in discussions.

So let’s make it easy. I use the Emotional Culture Deck to talk about the elephant in the room whilst collectively creating new rules of engagement.

I thought your discussion and view of women in business was so refreshing. I really appreciated your honesty and thought provoking discussion points. I certainly walked away feeling better equipped to tackle the corporate world.
— Elly James, Worksafe


Using the latest in profiling technology, I work with workplaces where relationships thrive.

Broaden your awareness how the team communicates in conflict and how to increase performance.

This is not MBTI, DISC or Hogan - this is a on-the-job relationship building profiling tool.

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Resilience Tribe is a unique workshop to approach cohesiveness. Lessons in psychological flexibility will enable courage & vulnerability to bind your people together.

I join forces with Nicole Plotkin to build your resilience to enable you to effectively deliver your business.

Your input has assisted me by ensuring I don’t “groundhog day” things and plan forward again which is what I’ve always done when I was younger. I’m determined to keep self assessing and asking those around me for feedback.
— Adam Smith, Critical Care Nurse
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