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Your Leadership Intelligence Mentor.

Mentors help you navigate challenges, people and opportunities.

They share tools, techniques and their experience to enable you to make a difference with your team and business.

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Hot out of the Pizza oven …

I’m now certified to host Core Strengths workshops.

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve included the top six strengths into our strategy on a page document that we miraculously completed by the end of day 2.
— Arthur Baker, MD Oxford University Press ANZ
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Women’s Well-Being Challenge

Join a group of women for six weeks to focus on six well-being subjects.

Your challenge is to practise and experiment, daily, the lessons shared every morning via email.

Having your well-being sorted enables you to be the best support to others in your life - your family, friends and colleagues.

what I typically do

I create the space, literally, which encourages people to communicate confidently about what is important. I work with individuals and teams and quickly earn their respect and trust to establish a mentor relationship.

To support these conversations, I mine for data about people's personality using the suite of tools offered by TotalSDI/CoreStrengths. Eight valid and reliable assessment tools help people discover motives which drive behaviour.

These tools provide valuable insights and a proven learning method that people can actually use to develop better leaders, build more effective teams, and reduce the growing costs of conflict.

More details, CLICK HERE.

Your input has assisted me by ensuring I don’t “groundhog day” things and plan forward again which is what I’ve always done when I was younger. I’m determined to keep self assessing and asking those around me for feedback.
— Adam Smith, Critical Care Nurse

A two day workshop which prepares women to influence, inspire and make an impact.

The five facets are:

~ fundamentals of leadership

~ foundational knowledge

~ communication frameworks

~ a confident facade

~ future-proofing self and career.


How to Build Your Leadership Intelligence

What successes have you had in your past and what can you learn from these to apply to achieving your goals right now?

If you've done it once you can do it again! There's a lot we can learn from our past. In this video together with Cynthia Mahoney we discuss an activity you can do to "mine data" from your past successes and take key ingredients from these to help you in the now.

We're discussing well-being in this video as we believe that getting yourself sorted (The Art of Personal Leadership) is a key foundation of being able to lead others. However you can apply this same process to any goal that you have.  Self-knowledge and the ability to reflect are key attributes of the best leaders we work with so make sure you set aside some time for yourself regularly to build your Leadership Intelligence.

Let's have a conversation about how you can bring this program to your organisation to build your peoples' well-being.

I thought your discussion and view of women in business was so refreshing. I really appreciated your honesty and thought provoking discussion points. I certainly walked away feeling better equipped to tackle the corporate world.
— Elly James, Worksafe