change is complex.

businesses change.

people need your leadership.

I work with people who want to help their people to flourish.  I work with individuals, teams and entire businesses aiming to have high performing relationships to navigate change.

leadership intelligence programs

The Art of Personal Leadership 

A Women's Well-Being Workshop

What successes have you had in your past & what can you learn from these to apply to achieving your goals right now?

Our next public workshop is for women. DETAILS

How to Build Your Leadership Intelligence

What successes have you have in your past and what can you learn from these to apply to achieving your goals right now?

If you've done it once you can do it again!

There's a lot we can learn from our past. In this video Louise Thomson and I discuss an activity you can do to "mine data" from your past successes and take key ingredients from these to help you in the now.

We're discussing well-being in this video as we believe that getting yourself sorted (The Art of Personal Leadership) is a key foundation of being able to lead others. However you can apply this same process to any goal that you have. 

Self-knowledge and the ability to reflect are key attributes of the best leaders we work with so make sure you set aside some time for yourself regularly to build your Leadership Intelligence.



Are you up for it?

Join a group of women to take on the 6-week challenge to get sleep sorted, nutrition understood, connections on your side, creativity on your agenda, career/roles prioritised and movement the main focus in your life. 

team & organisational leadership programs


Enable women to influence, inspire and make an impact in your organisation by participating in a program which:

~ explores the fundamentals of leadership

~ builds a foundation of solid leadership knowledge

~ shares communication frameworks

~ enables a confident facade

~ future-proofs your organisation with awesome women.

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Stepping up to being accountable, adaptive & assertive is the awesome outcome when people experiment and practise the program learning.

If you need your people to inspire, influence & make an impact then this is a program for all of your people.

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve included the top six strengths into our strategy on a page document that we miraculously completed by the end of day 2.
— Arthur Baker, MD Oxford University Press ANZ

Conversational intelligence


Public Speaking

Love it or loath it we need our leaders to be skilled at influencing and making an impact. 

I share a few of the recommendations from this great guide to boost your communication performance.


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Behaviour Change

Can you do it?

I think you can't - it's almost impossible unless you persist with what Marshall Goldsmith coaches you to do.

Read my notes about his tips & techniques. CLICK

Your input has assisted me by ensuring I don’t “groundhog day” things and plan forward again which is what I’ve always done when I was younger. I’m determined to keep self assessing and asking those around me for feedback.
— Adam Smith, Critical Care Nurse

LEADERSHIP intelligence experT

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I am your leadership intelligence expert. Your business performance will increase with my involvement. Interpersonal skills, relationship building and accountability are as important as technical expertise in shaping your bottom line.

I will put leadership on your performance agenda.

I thought your discussion and view of women in business was so refreshing. I really appreciated your honesty and thought provoking discussion points. I certainly walked away feeling better equipped to tackle the corporate world.
— Elly James, Worksafe
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extra tools for AFCC Workshop participants. CLICK

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