Organisational Leadership 


For your greatest asset - women.

Enable women to influence, inspire and make an impact.

Explore the fundamentals of leadership, build a foundation of leadership knowledge, experiment with communication frameworks, create a facade of confidence and future-proof your organisation with awesome women.

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No hierarchies & No blaming

All people step up to being accountable, adaptive & assertive.

Inspire change & expect better performance in the organisation.

what's hot to read?

TRIGGERS by Marshall Goldsmith ~ To be successful with positive change you need to start with yourself. For example - ask this questions every day: Have I done the best today to improve my leadership effectiveness? How would you rate your performance? Where 1 = I have done nothing and 10 = Yes, I asked five team members on how I can lead them more effectively. 

Whilst I write my review of Triggers, read my notes of these two books:


Fabulous advice for leaders, OD experts and aspiring people leaders.

This is 'the' book to read in 2018 to boost your Leadership and influence the leadership in your organisation.

Read my review HERE

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"Dissent hasn't had the airplay which it should ... It's generally not welcomed in the average team" says Professor Charlan Nemeth.

Do you agree or disagree with the process your team makes decisions?

Fostering divergent views could be the game changer your business needs. 






Read my review HERE

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Louise specialises in leadership development. She will marry your technical expertise with her leadership knowledge and experience.

~ experiment with techniques

~ communicate with influence

~ inspire others to follow your lead

~ make an impact in your organisation

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