CHANGE November

A new month is a great time to kick-start a change in your life – either forming a new habit or the breaking of an old behaviour.

I am motivated by change & challenges – however, I think and understand I might be the minority!  That aside, I use these tricks and tips daily. Give them a crack!

So, today is your Day to get prepared for the next 31 Days. It’s about involving stakeholders, simplifying the change and setting milestones & celebrations.

Who needs to know about your change? Who are the allies and the enemies? Who will help you and hinder you. For example – if your partner wants a drink at night after work, and you’re working at giving up wine for the month – you need a plan!

Grab a calendar page and write down what you can do every day and break down the change into chunks. I am now running for 25 minutes without stopping (and collapsing) – I started 10 weeks ago with 90 second increments or running.

Setting Milestones & Celebrations
If November is your ‘change’ month, then set Fridays as your milestone day to achieve small changes – you have FIVE Fridays. And, select two dates in the month to celebrate. Roll on the 30th of November!

Let the Change begin!