A new term is getting an airing … Gamification. Heard of it?

From a learning perspective, my take on it, at this stage, is the improvisation of the brain – opposed to the body. And, it introduces one big shift – the introduction of technology. I like it as it’s about behaviour change. Although, it’s made it ‘sexy’ and exciting to change ordinary, dull, boring behaviours to get some extraordinary results.

If you haven’t already see her  2012 TED Talk, view Jane McGonigal - “The game that can give you 10 extra years of life.” And to take this further, visit her web site – It’s fabulous. It’s about getting healthily or changing a bad habit – you set goals and identify the ‘bad guys’. It’s safe and it’s interactive. Check it out!

Over the next ten weeks, I’m completing an on-line program with Stanford University – Creating a New Learning Environment. My focus is to learn & understand more about Gamification and how to introduce it to my Leadership Quest. Stay Tuned!