Today is the beginning of a new month and a new habit.

You have 30 days to crack the behaviour of an old habit and introduce, stabilise and live a new behaviour.

With the goal set, the plan in place it’s up to your mind to carry you on this journey.

In any Quest, in particular, a Leadership Quest, it’s all about communication. Guiding, challenging and supporting people with words will keep them focused on the Quest at hand.

The words and method you need to incorporate this month are your ‘Self- Talk’ words. It’s the conversation you have inside you head. Self-Talk pops up when you open the fridge and see the uneaten chocolate and the half full wine bottle. Or, when your team members haven’t completed a project according to the time-frame agreed. What is your mind saying?

Change your Self-Talk so that it supports your goal. The more you repeat the positive Self-Talk, the better the result. Avoid words that can’t be sighted e.g. stop, no, can’t …. Replace them with words the mind can see e.g. talking to your team or writing a ‘thank you card’,

Your Quest starts now!