We've just enjoyed a lovely long week (thanks to Elizabeth II) which involved lots of socialising, eating, drinking and some time in the office preparing for the end of the financial year. Yep, it's only two weeks until we start thinking about our tax!

This might excite you or you avoid it, however, we have to face the fact that most of us pay tax. What I find most interesting is exploring what's accumulated in my tax receipts folder. When you flick through these pages, you soon learn where you've invested your money ... and I use that term quite loosely. 

Amongst the expenses associated with having children, running a home, socialising and managing a business, I found a few receipts. Sadly, my investment isn't going to reap the return I'm expecting ... what about you?


Investing in Yourself will mean many things to many people ... so, I'm curious how you've invested in yourself over the past 50 weeks.

What have you added to your wardrobe? Shoes, boots, suits, coats etc?

This is an 'image and confidence' investment for many. I'm a fan of this - easily detected when I add up the credit card expenses. However, not the most important investment.


Maybe you have a gym or health club membership, or, you are a  yoga devotee. These are definite self investments - as your well-being and fitness are paramount to achieve most of your other life goals, including  feeling good about yourself.


How many health checks have you had during the past 12 months? The list is endless: general practitioner, oral health, skin cancer check (especially for us here in Australia), Naturopath, eyes, bloods, podiatrist, mammograms etc. Again, all very important and being proactive in preventative health is a credit to you and an investment for your future self.


And how many of you are funding your professional development? I meet many people who are completing their MBAs and embarking on off shore assignments. These are very stressful and time-consuming investments, so your health and well-being must go hand in hand with this type of investment.

So, how else does one invest in thyself? 

Yes, it is often forgotten. And I forgive you. Ah, yes, it's your ...



It's about taking time to read that book written by someone who has a skill you'd like to emulate; knowledge that you need to inhale and ideas which you've been meaning to experiment with.

It's a workshop or retreat to take time out to review and refresh your approach - we know that if we keep doing the same thing the same way we get the same result. Workshops generally include activities,  networking, action planning and are fundamentally good for you and your motivation.

It's seeking out that Business/Life Coach to focus on your accountability; to guide you to seek the answers and action you know are lurking somewhere in your being. It may require some workplace support or if you are serious, you'll find it yourself and reap the rewards sooner than later.

And, it's that Mentor who's conversations provide that wise source of strategy to be a better you. Being matched or locating one (or two) who will invest their time listening to you and sharing 'how they did it' or 'wouldn't do it' in the future.

There are many ways to invest in your Personal Development. The most important taking action immediately about investing or commencing your investment package.


I can be that voice which guides you to locate the motivation required to gain traction and momentum to be accountable for an invest-able self. You need to take action right now or you'll never get around to investing in thyself. Hesitating is a sign which signifies you need to invest in yourself to make clear decisions that affect your future.

Contact me now for a discussion to make a decision about your personal development investment time.

Or, forward this to that person who would benefit from Personal Development Investment time.

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