The Art of Personal Leadership -A Women's WELl-BEING WORKSHOP

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Our Wellbeing Workshop will ...

- stretch your thinking

- connect your passions with what's important in life

- reassess goals & focus to achieve optimal life success

- direct & plan out your actions


DATE 26th October 2018

VENUE The Cluster, Melbourne CBD

TIME 9.15 - 4.45

INVESTMENT $495 - $1095

This workshop is facilitated by myself and my cohort, Cynthia Mahoney. We're the co-founders of the Driving Your Life program and have been hosting various workshops and actives for over five years.

Bookings: tba

We have created the following five short 2 minutes videos explaining some of the activities we use in our Well-being workshop.


The workshop was quite life changing for me. All the stars are lining up and I have been far more successful at carefully considering if I really need to attend the meetings face to face or if I can join via Skype. The result is I have accepted all invites that I can attend via the computer and I have had 2 full weeks with every night at home (amazing and exciting!!) Because I have been home I have also completed more exercise, as a result I am sleeping better. Because I have not had the travel, I have an extra 8 hours in the week, an entire extra day!  And as a result I have got a lot more done during the week and have not needed to work on weekends.  And I have had time to attend yoga, I completed a 2 hour yoga session on Sunday and still feel a little chilled! Overall it has been a wonderful couple of weeks. Cheers, Sally
Sally Marcroft - Emergency Resource and Coordination | Agriculture Services and Biosecurity Operations Division - Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources