Sharing Vision Boards created on Day Two of our Two Day Workshop

Sharing Vision Boards created on Day Two of our Two Day Workshop

DO YOU need TO make a big dEcision in your life?

Maybe it's about:

  • moving out of first gear and speeding up with an idea
  • selecting what you want to do next in your life
  • changing what is currently slowing you down

Whether you want to set a totally new direction in your life or simply review where you’re at, re-focus and recharge, we know the formula to make a decision.

Our workshops, coaching and mentoring guide you to make the changes you think about and don't make time to make happen.

In our workshops we will put you in the driver’s seat of your life! You’ll…

  • Review your life’s purpose and identify your passion, taking time to find out what’s really important to you
  • Refresh your road map - the direction you're currently taking and identify the road closures and new works
  • Recognize that you hold the keys to change
  • Harness your strengths and improve your relationships with others
  • Set a clear direction so you can embark on your new journey and put your plans into action
  • Identify how you can use your network to support you

In our coaching and mentoring sessions we provide a framework to make decisions and create a direction plan.

Join experienced leadership development and performance facilitators, Louise Thomson and Cynthia Mahoney, who will guide you and provide you with valuable tools that you can continue to use after the program as well as practical activities and support to get you on track and in control.

So if it’s time for you to connect with your passion and purpose, set your direction, focus on what’s really important in life and take action for your personal and professional success then inquire about our “Driving Your Life” program today!

Key questions and answers:

Who is this program for?

Anyone looking to make a change and take control of their lives! Men & Women. Any Age. Any Sector.

 How many people will be at the program?

In our workshops we keep the group small enough to ensure it's interactive and operates effectively as a group.

What's included in the program?

- Completion of an on-line profile personality tool, Strength Deployment Inventory, which identifies and helps you better understand your strengths to develop strategies to improve your personal effectiveness in relationships, particularly in conflict.

- A copy of the popular book, "Do More Great Work - Stop the busywork and do the work that matters" by Michael Bungay Stanier.

- A workbook, including your new road map, with a series of activities which we commence during the program.

Please contact me today to discuss how you can become involved in our program.