A day never passes without realising how amazing life is or can be!

Today I ventured off early to meet my running partner with a goal to run for 70 minutes.  We’re training for the City2Surf 14km run which is on in 9 weeks. We can run 10km but today we did our PB – 13.4km in 70 minutes. There were lots of slippery High Fives!

The question is: Why is it that some days we can do it whilst on other days we pull up sore? (There are many excuses!) The Power Of One is about being in control of yourself – today my mind was in the zone and it controlled the body.

In other life compartments, The Power Of One operates in:

My Space – What does your workspace look like? We need space to work, space for our self to think where there are limited interruptions. Take a photo and consider the effectiveness of your personal operations in your space.

My Time – When is your best time? Where are your peaks? Do you chunk these times into your diary? When I run – I script, design, review conversations and plan. I prefer meetings between 10:30am and 2:30pm as I like my time to do the work from these meetings when I’m more productive.

My Focus – How well do you focus?  How many things are you working on right now? Focus on one thing at a time is the most productive and innovative. Whilst we women boast that we can multi-task, it’s crap. The brain is smart but it is super smart when all systems are channelled into one meeting or one project or one conversation.

My Lead – in leadership, it can be rather lonely: folks are following you, they don’t join you they look to you for direction and decision authority. Stand back on your own and let others perform – don’t interrupt them – trust them!

The Power Of One is an approach to be in control of what you do, when you do it to achieve the why you do it.