Lou's Leadership Views: NOW!

When I was out running this morning, I caught myself replaying conversations I had had with people the previous day. I realised that this wasn't an effective use of my mind. So, what has caught my attention this ‘mid’ morning is the #3 message from Mindful in MayThe only moment we have is NOW!

How often do we worry about what has occurred and what might happen when truly, we do only have right NOW to do our best. Being mindful is to be totally conscious of living in the moment – being aware of our thinking, feeling and behaviour.

Being Friday, that is Fabulous Friday, think of what you can do right NOW:

  • Shout your team morning tea
  • Take your team out for a healthy lunch
  • Have that tough conversation which you’ve been putting off – just do it NOW
  • Lock yourself away for 60 minutes and focus on one task
  • Host an impromptu meeting with your team and ask “what’s the best thing that has happened this week?”
  • Take a risk
  • Contact someone whom you’ve been meaning to connect with for ages

I could go on, but you know what I'm on about – use NOW to be in the moment.

Have a Fabulous Friday NOW!