LOU'S LEADERSHIP VIEWS: The month to practise Mindfulness

There’s always a race in our home to pinch & punch first! You know the saying: A Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month! However, this morning, it wasn’t top of mind – everyone forgot until we were in the car doing school drop-offs! Not the safest place for everyone pinching & punching!

What is at the top of mind, this month, is Mindfulness. I’ve referenced it a couple of times in my blogs and definitely in my face to face leadership programs, however, like so many of us, we often forget. So, to have a month to practise Mindfulness, it may become a habit, opposed to a subject.

As a leader, we can so easily influence the behaviours of others: typical example – hanging back late at work, makes a loud statement – ‘this is what I expect of you!’ So, to proactively practise and talk about being mindful you might want to try:

  • Taking time out to connect with yourself e.g. go for a walk and concentrate on your breathing – even it’s for 15 minutes
  • Appreciating what we have – slowing down to actually take notice of our environment
  • Sharing gratitude and acknowledging what people do and who they are – no judgements

I plan to spend the month of May understanding and practising Mindfulness. Google the term, follow #mindfulinmay on Twitter (it’s an Australian fundraiser) and if you’re curious, read about the current research on our brain – Mindfulness has a role to play!