My Afternoon Tea Blog!

My day has been disrupted! OK, it’s a Tuesday and that’s my ‘giving’ day. I give my time to my kids' school by listening to the little five year olds read (quite cute). I give my time to the local shop owners, having a little chat finding out where the produce has come from (there’s always a story) and I enjoy keeping their businesses afloat. And I gave some time to a local business where my son wants his birthday party – they can arrange, cook, bake, entertain and even clean up! That giving allows me to spend my time on my Practice!

Which reminds me, my practice quest of writing a daily Blog by mid-morning hasn’t been achieved; more likely to be afternoon tea by the time I post it! Will you notice? Maybe not; I will. I set quests and then plan activities which move my ideas into reality and these require daily attention – so you can imagine if I say “I can feel it in my bones” if they’re not achieved. It’s my reputation on the line.

And talking of daily actions, I bumped into one of the ‘mums’ at school this morning. She had read my early morning FB post, advising mums that the sun is up at 6am in our southern city of Melbourne, Australia and that it would be great to see ‘more great women pound the pavement’. I obviously struck a nerve or should I say tapped into a personal quest as she promised to get up earlier and join us. We shall see if it is a personal quest!

So, I have two hours to squash another big hairy practice quest into action (in addition to the book I’m writing). I’m conducting ‘women only’ training workshops for those that need a boost in confidence when they speak. It’s great for those re-entering the workforce or those wanting to move up the ladder in their organisation and its appropriately titled ‘Listen to ME!’ I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. It’s time to get some dates booked and broadcast my news’.

What’s your personal quest for tomorrow morning?