The 10.30am Blog!

By the time it hits 10.30am, the day is almost complete!

"Are you serious?"

Yes, I am serious! If you're in tune with your body, you know when it's peaked and when it slows down. However, from a productivity perspective, getting a big hairy quest done in the morning is a super goal - if achieved, you've regained the lost time to play the work game!

Early this morning, I set out on a personal quest - jog for five minutes non-stop. This has been one of my big hairy personal quests for a few years - with the desire to recapture my energy and svelte body, stolen by motherhood and corporate life!

While I rest at the computer, I'll use the next hour to commence my practice quest. Yep, I have a practice quest - write 50,000 words by the end of the year which will eventuate as my first book. Sounds daunting however my jogging PB has been achieved by 'divide & conquer' - using a cool app - c25k (Couch to Five kms) - our morning sessions are timed to build our strength & stamina - increasing the time jogging every day. It works!

What are your Quests? Personal & Practice?

It's 10.30am ... time for a coffee!