The Uniqueness Factor

When you are confronted with choice, how do you differentiate one from some and others?

 What is it about some people that make them special; the words on paper jump out at you?

I believe that someone who goes beyond the call of duty, who volunteers their time, skill and effort on top of what they do as a regime of income is what I call, the Uniqueness Factor.

They have this ability to create time to do for others what many would never consider. They muster the energy to help someone overnight and front up for their ‘day job’ and not mention their tiredness. They volunteer as a Director of a not-for-profit, offering their skill at the boardroom table while most sit at home watching television.

It’s great to have a good education, the credentials, the money however it’s what you do with it, for the benefit of others is what is unique about few.

I take my hat off for those who will volunteer their time on Christmas Day, serving meals and washing dishes for the homeless when many of us will enjoy the comfort of our home and family.

Take a closer look at the people in your team, your clients and the prospective employee and locate their Uniqueness Factor. They are the ones who differentiate from some and others!