Greatest Christmas Gift

I’ve been Blogless over the past couple of days! I’ve been unable to unscramble my thoughts given the craziness of the ‘silly’ season! This is mainly due to stressing out about which Christmas gifts to buy and give and then “have I bought enough” Do you hear me?

Given all the great articles, conversations and thinking, the rubber-band snaps back to its old position and the worry-wart self, pops up! ‘What will ‘they’ think if I give them XYZ?’ I have stared into my ‘gift cupboard’ having many unproductive moments!

However, I’ve borrowed a great mantra from an inspiring Kiwi lady whom I met at WOMANZ in Melbourne –“I am the greatest gift” - Can you say it? “I AM THE GREATEST GIFT.” Say it 20 times and you’ll start to confidently believe in yourself that you are a Gift to others.

When I reflect on the pain and suffering being endured by the parents, family, friends, school colleagues and community of Newtown, Connecticut in USA, it’s the people who are being missed, they were the greatest gifts. No one is concerned about the gifts they did or didn’t give; it’s the words that they didn’t say, the things they didn’t do together and the hugs & kisses they didn’t share enough.

The greatest gift you can give to someone is YOU! Visit, call, email, Skype … you decide, just make an effort to connect and that will be an amazing gift for the special people in our life. Talk, chat, ask questions, (no judgements) - simply make others feel important – Give all of you!