What's Your Secret Weapon?

When all else fails, do you have a 'weapon' which you pull out of your bag and saves the day? 

Is there a 'thing' which you do so well, which you don't get the opportunity to use and share as it's trapped in your unconscious compartment?

Part of my eclectic experience is being a member of a winning Australian Debating team! Yep, first speaker, prepared with palm cards and a half memorised speech! It's been many years since my debating career, however when a key-note speaker didn't arrive at a program I was facilitating, I pulled out of my memory bank, the Debating Manual! Five years on, the Leadership Debate remains on the agenda!

So, if you were caught in this predicament, what could you offer? Do you have a skill, talent, vivid memory of something worth sharing? 

Many people will respond with a reluctant "No!" However, I believe we all have that secret weapon - so secret we've deleted it from the memory stick.  Consider these questions to awaken the secret:

  • When people are referred to you, what solution are they seeking?
  • What do you passionately love doing?
  • What are you prepared to volunteer your time to do?
  • What have you paid to learn to do well?
  • What excites you?

Amongst these responses is a secret weapon which requires some polishing in preparation for use!