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overnight leadership Masterclass

Book a masterclass to fast-track your awareness on the mindset & skill-set required to move from being a specialist/expert to the team leader of the specialists/experts.

During this masterclass, we’ll focus on:

·       The five key practices of team leaders in 2020

·       The first 20 days of being a manager/team leader/supervisor

·       Techniques, tools & tips for people leadership communication

If your company gives you permission to lead others, would you pass the Leadership Licence test? Do you have the skills to lead resilient relationships in your workplace?

If your company gives you permission to lead others, would you pass the Leadership Licence test? Do you have the skills to lead resilient relationships in your workplace?


"Becoming Prime Minister in an unexpected instant, as I had done, had allowed no time to brace for the new weight. There was no choice but to get on with it ..." Julia Gillard, My Story

How do you support your people to step up into a manager's role and become responsible for leading a part of your organisation and business?

How did you handle the change from being a technical expert to becoming a leader of people in your business (overnight)?


People wake up every day to discover they are now not only accountable for their own actions but responsible for a group of people's behaviour and work output. This change causes mixed emotions: anxiety, enthusiasm, confusion and if mismanaged, it will cause nightmares 'overnight'!

Can you imagine being in Julia Gillard's shoes in June 2010? Whilst Julia had experience as Deputy Prime Minister and caretaker Prime Minister, her overnight appointment would be not too dissimilar to what you and I have experienced. Her immediate approach reads well: gather the right people around me, priorities what's important and urgent and communicate who I am and what we're doing. These three steps are among a list of strategies to quickly assert your leadership.

Beyond the Masterclass, there is a program for your organisation.

With over 25 years experience in leadership positions, coaching & mentoring other leaders and facilitating leadership programs, it's becoming blatantly obvious that we still don't prepare our leaders early enough in their career to lead others. Let's invest early in our people's career and mitigate the costly consequence of poor leadership and management. 

Overnight Leadership program incorporates:

  • 20 Day Leadership Program - a day by day list of recommended actions and activities to be confidently leading at the end of your first month e.g. on your first day, learn each person's name and use it

  • The Language of Leadership - cracking the coded language of leadership, understanding what people mean when they say “engagement”, “VUCA” and “"use a story” will enable you to fast-track your position as a leader in your organisation.

  • Workshops addressing key leadership lessons - understand people, identify processes which support leadership and how to motivate for performance are examples of specific workshops for emerging, new and experienced leaders.

  • Team Problem Solving - techniques to co-create workplace solutions is a proactive approach to list the performance of all your workforce. It builds trust and resilient relationships.

  • Mentor Mates - a dating service to match new leaders (Mentee) with Mentors (experienced leaders) in your business

  • Overnight Leadership - the leadership handbook to survive most leadership matters you encounter in your first month (available early 2018)

program FORMAT

Overnight Leadership is available in four formats:

  1. Coaching  - for either the individual or for a team - available as six & nine session assignments

  2. Workshops - a series of sessions and experimental activities (customization available) which develop the techniques to communicate as a leader, skills to influence and identify the strengths to have an impact in your daily leadership activities

  3. Retreat - your ultimate deep dive into reflecting, reviewing and reestablishing your unique leadership offering - aimed at 'middle to senior' leaders who have had previous people leadership experience and are preparing to take on new team leadership positions - this is held over two days and works best within organisations

  4. Mentor-ship - for the individual who has previously lead people or is struggling to effectively lead in their role - available as three and six month assignments.