Thanks for booking to stay at our home; 23 Viewmount Place, Sandhurst Club, SANDHURST, Victoria, Australia. You can contact us on (+61) 458130100 or Malcolm on  (+61) 407881787.

We are located on a little island in the North East corner of the Club Estate - accessible over the bridge at the large 'gum tree' round-about - we're the 2nd street on the left, 2nd home on the right (single story). Please park in our driveway - it can easily fit 2 cars and can accommodate 4 average sized cars (we aim to keep our cars off the street).

This is our family home and we hope you enjoy your stay as much as we enjoy living here. We would appreciate that you respect our home and leave it as you found it to enable our cleaner to easily clean and prepare it for our return. 

 Our kitchen - lots of room to cook and eat.

Our kitchen - lots of room to cook and eat.


Help us help you experience the comfortable living in our home:

  • We are a shoe free home - please leave your shoes at one of the many doors  you can enter and put your slippers on, socks or bare feet
  • We are a smoke free home - there is strictly no smoking in our home or in our gardens ( the whole property)
  • We are a pet free home - please leave your pets at home - we do have fish in our pond. You can feed them is you wish - food is on the television shelf outside
  • We have Wifi to enable you to enjoy the many spaces in and outside our home - globalpeople - password - jennifer03 & TP_Link_4842 - password - 28796091
  • We experience lots of mosquitos and flies, so please keep doors/flyscreens closed when you're moving from indoors to outdoors
  • You have access to all of our home spaces except for the door off the dining area (office) and our garage (door at end of the hallway) 
  • If you stay on a Sunday evening, the Garbage Trucks empty the bins early on a Monday morning - please ensure your cars are in the driveway (we would appreciate that you place these Rubbish Bins out on the  grass next to the street light on the Sunday evening -  we will leave a note to specify which bins).


Where to find what you need:

Air-conditioning/Heating - the control panel is located on the wall adjacent to the fridge. Please only use the  'on/off' button (at the top of the panel). It is set for 24 degrees for all rooms. Please turn it off before going to bed and when leaving the house.

Basketball  -  if you need a basketball, there is one located on the deck under the Television.

Beach Towels - Carrum beach is located 10km away - Beach Towels are located on the left-hand side at the bottom of the Linen cupboard in the hallway.

Breakfast - we have left you bread, eggs, spreads (pull out pantry door in basket) milk, juice, fruit, coffee, tea and 'chocolate' flavorings for milk drinks (pull out pantry) - there is also a collection of cereals/oats in the big drawer opposite the fridge. The Golf Club Cafe does take-away coffee and breakfasts and lunches.

BBQ - the BBQ can be moved around in case it's too hot or if it rains, utensils are located in the bottom drawer close to the Kitchen sink. Please clean the BBQ with the Kitchen Paper located in the 2nd drawer next to the sink.

Clothes Drying - we have plenty of drying space outside the Utility Room, and an airing frame which can be brought out to the dinging area if you have the heating on in winter.

Coffee - we have instant and plunger coffee - which is found in the top drawer under the kettle - the coffee plunger is next to the toaster & kettle (larger plunger above the TV).

Condiments - you'll find a supply of items in the fridge, pull out pantry in the Kitchen, top drawer to the right of the oven - and help yourself to oils, sauces, spreads, flour and spices on the shelves in the Utility Room.

Contacts - you can email us on or phone us Louise 0458 130100  or Malcolm 0407 881787.

Crockery - located in the tall cupboard close to the wall oven - additional crockery is located on the dining room side of the Kitchen bench (behind the dishwasher).

Curtains - please close the blinds and curtains in all rooms in the evening.

Cutlery - located in the top drawer next to the sink in the Kitchen - additional cutlery is located on the dining room side of the the Kitchen bench at the TV end of the bench.

Dishwasher - we wash most items in the dishwasher, except for any wooden items or 'Fissler' pots/pans. The liquid (dark green bottle)  is located in the cupboard under the sink. Operate the dishwasher by pressing the 'on' button (far right) and the start/stop button - this is a one hour & 20 min cycle. The dishwasher is very quiet and we recommend turning it on in the evening when you go to bed.

Doctor -

Fruit - we have left a selection of fruit to enjoy for your breakfast. (During March/April, our apple tree has a good supply of apples. Help yourself.)

Heating/Gas Fire - this is operated by using the white control which is kept in the cupboard closest to the kitchen. To ignite the fire, depress the OFF button simultaneously with the top right button. You'll hear the ignition click and eventually the flame will appear. Turn if off using the OFF button!

Ice - our fridge makes ice for you - place cup/glass/jug against the ice lever - you can select from cubed to crushed on the fridge.

Key - you'll be given a key on arrival - this will be for the front door. Please ensure you leave the key on the Kitchen bench when  departing at the end of your stay. An additional key can also be requested which is the 'green key' and it opens the Utility Room.

Linen - if you need extra sheets, towels, beach towels - these are located in the Linen cupboard in the hallway. Guest Towels (white) are located in the cupboard in the room labeled, 'guest room'.

Microwave - we don't have one! 

Oven - trays for the oven are located in the two drawers under the oven. Use the conventional setting which is automatically set at 180 degrees.

Pizza Oven - wood for the oven is located under the oven. Utensils are kept in the black metal container outside the door to the Utility room. Pizzas can be made from the pizza floor in the Utility room and they need to be made small and cooked directly on the base of the hot pizza oven. (It's probably easier to order a take-away pizza!!!)

Pots/Fry-pans - you'll find a selection of cooking vessels in the large draw under the gas cooker top.

Restaurants - there are plenty of restaurants and take-away restaurants in the area - several are affixed to our display board in the Utility room (room off the Kitchen) and noted below.

Rubbish Bin - we have a bin under the sink in the Kitchen for general food waste and a green recycle basket in the Utility Room,  off the Kitchen - please place bottles, plastics, paper in this recycle bin or you can place the recycle rubbish directly into the Recycle bin outside near the clothes line

Safety - there is a fire blanket in the Utility room, smoke detectors located in the home and many external doors  - please become familiar with these locations.

Sandhurst Club - you can use the Sandbox Cafe, restaurant and bar at the clubhouse. You can enquire at the Sports shop at the club about playing golf.  

Security - we have security which patrols the Club estate during the evening. There are two Panic Buttons in case of emergency - one in the Utility Room (just inside the sliding door off the Kitchen on the left hand side wall) and in the Main Bedroom on the Ensuite side of the bed on the wall. When these Panic Buttons are depressed, a siren will sound (it's very loud), our security will be alerted, police, fire brigade and ambulance will be alerted to attend the house.  Please lock all doors when leaving our home.

Shopping - the closest shopping centre is The Village in Carrum Downs, Frankston Dandenong Road - you'll find an IGA supermarket, bakery, Restaurant, Fish & Chip shop, Noodles Take-away, a Doctor and chemist.

Sugar - sugar is kept in the drawer under the kettle.

Tea - there is a variety of teas which are kept in the top drawer under the kettle.

Television - the Samsung television in the Lounge is operated by a remote control. It is also linked to the Blueray DVD which is in the cupboard next to the kitchen bench. 

Television - the outdoors television is operated by two remotes. The grey control is used to turn the televison 'on'. The black control is used to turn on the DVD and to change channels of the television.

Towels are found on each bed - if you require more, these white towels are located in the cupboard inside the Guest Room (left hand side).

Wardrobes/hanging space - each room will have a wardroom door open to enable you to hang your clothes using the provided hangers.

Washing Machine - you'll locate this in the Utility Room off the Kitchen - there is a large blue bottle of liquid in the cupboard (it's highly concentrated - only requires one pump). To operate the machine, depress the power button, the select 'delecates'  for a general wash (50 minutes) and press 'start'.

WiFi - we have two Wifi facilities - as listed above. The GlobalPeople is situated at the kitchen end of the house and the TP Link at the bedroom end of the house.


Images with instructions:

 The selection of Conventional is 180 degrees

The selection of Conventional is 180 degrees

 Washing machine liquid located under the sink in the Utility Room

Washing machine liquid located under the sink in the Utility Room

 Air-conditioning Control Panel - On/Off Button

Air-conditioning Control Panel - On/Off Button


Indian -

Japanese - Ariake  Shop 6 Harbour Plaza Thompson Rd, Patterson Lakes 

Thai - On-Im-Aloy - 1 Cadles Rd (Corner of Hall Rd) Carrum Downs

Nepalese - Subha Sandhya

Chinese restaurants - travel to Springvale (Walrus)