TEAM TONIC - Boost your Team performance

A program for businesses and their most important resource - people.

If a green smoothie cleanses, fuels and rejuvenates our body, Team Tonic is the recipe for businesses to review how they perform - cleansing practices which don't bring the best out in their people, learning more about the impact of their behaviours and how they can drive better performance.

Team Tonic creates individual accountability and team responsibility - a rejuvenating recipe which boosts results.


This program focuses on making behavioural change stick. It's about creating self awareness, team awareness and change commitment.  

Exploring what drives each person in the team makes for better relationships and business outcomes. Utilising a suite of self awareness tools, completed online, team members have values anchored information to craft conversations which aim to lift performance by increasing team effectiveness.

During the process of consultation to ensure the program is customised to meet the needs of the business strategy, all team members complete a series of profile tools. Once this data is captured, the workshop conversations begin.

Who am I really?

Team members identify with their values and how they select specific groups of behaviours (strengths) to promote these values in the workplace, with friends & family. In most workplaces we operate at a behaviour level - not knowing why people do what they do. Understanding colleagues values enables a greater appreciation for each others view of their 'world'. The data from the SDI profile provides leaders a total view of the team and how they all view specific matters differently. 

What strengths do we each bring to the team?

Each team member values specific strengths for different purposes and situations. Understanding the strengths of individuals builds a portrait of the team's strengths which enables better business strategy and performance gaps. In particular, this data is very useful in building project teams.

Am I overbearing?

Rather than working on the perception that team members have weaknesses, we identify strengths which are being 'overdone' - providing the opportunity to discover how to tone down the strength or selecting other strengths for the situation at hand. This is a powerful feedback session, with the accountability in the members hands to be more effective with their choice of behaviour.

How do I prevent conflict in the team?

Conflict is not only a cost to the business, it drains the life of the team. Data is provided to each member about how their motives change in conflict and how this can be contributing to the ineffectiveness of the team and business. With an awareness of each members conflict sequence, personal strategies are created to be aware of their accountability of minimising conflict in the team. The team then creates a charter to be responsible for conflict management. Team leaders also use this data to change their communication approach to avoid triggering conflict. (This session alone is the return on your investment of TEAM TONIC.)

We use a series of on-line profile tools to build the data to drive these conversations, workshops and strategy.

Let's connect to customise a TEAM TONIC program for your business.