Profile tools are useful to promote an understanding of how you can maximize your strengths and identify opportunities to improve your outcomes. Whilst we believe we know ourselves, even those with a heightened self-awareness, having hard data which provides a degree of self feedback, can only be worth reviewing and contemplating.


I use a suite of motivational assessment tools which identify key individual strengths which we deploy in particular situations. These could be in stressful times, happy occasions or challenging decision making meetings. 

Whether you are a leader or not, knowing more about yourself and then taking action to improve will create more positive and focused relationships and increase the feeling of self satisfaction.


Profile assessments are completed on line (reports are immediately accessible) and a debrief session is arranged to understand and make sense of the data. A second session is then arranged to apply the information, to make changes and to add value to your life.

  List of 28 Strengths which are assessed

List of 28 Strengths which are assessed


Based on the number of assessment tools completed will depend on the fee. Approximately $120 per assessment.

Session times are $450:00 (approximately 90 minutes each)


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