Relationship Builder Activity - SnapCHAT


Based on the kids card game 'Snap' and the quickness of the Social Media App SnapCHAT, I designed the interactive 'warm up' activity - SnapCHAT.


People - more than four people works best 

Chairs - optional (best to stand up to increase the energy)


1. Stand in a circle.

2. One person commences by sharing a short sharp statement/information about them self - for example: I'm Louise, I play golf. I have two children. I've just been overseas on holiday to USA.

3. When another person hears information which matches their situation, experiences, interests etc, they say "Snap" and they then take over the chat sharing information about themselves.  They must preface by saying "I"m (their name) and my Snap is .... e.g. I have just been overseas to .... it could be anywhere - their snap is the 'been overseas'!

4. People must be quick and say "Snap and their name" before the next piece of new information is shared by the person 'chatting'. (As in the card game Snap, someone is in control of putting their cards down quickly!)

The goal is to have the most 'Snaps' ie the number of turns to share information! (Mind you, no-one keeps a track - everyone is keen to learn about the similarities and differences of each other.)

From my experience, with a variety of groups which have included intact teams and complete strangers, this can go for quite a while. I like to keep it to 10 minutes - which will surprise you with the amount of information shared. It generally is very noisy, includes lots of laughter and increases the energy in the room.

Try it out and enjoy the experience. I'd love to hear how you go!


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