Mentorship Program

The Value of a Mentor

A Mentor and Mentee relationship is generally formed within your organisation, within your industry or community or in some cases, when someone has the experience you aspire to acquire. For example, I have mentored several Mentees from the medical sector yet my experience in this area is limited. However, I have had many leadership roles which is the experience and advice being sought by the Mentee.

Are you seeking guidance in the area of Leadership?

Experience: Mentors are keen to share their experience and answer questions - whether they're hypothetical or current situations. Mentors have experienced what you're seeking or completed the role you're exploring. They work well when they're is no previous relationship with your first couple of meetings used to establish respect and trust.

Multiple Mentors: You may seek out more than one Mentor: a career mentor, a specific gender mentor or a specific project management mentor. I have had many Mentors in my life; some whom I still keep connected with and some that I should contact and say "thank you" for their advice.

Or do I need a Coach: A Mentor will have a conversation with you; they generally answer your questions and listen to you ideas and help you make your decisions given the decisions they've made in the past. Whereas, a Coach will help you find the information you're seeking - the conversation is driven for you to answer the questions.

Reverse Mentoring: This practice is very popular. It's a double mentoring relationship - where the Mentor & Mentee benefit from each others expertise or knowledge.

Getting Started: Mentoring is generally an 'on-call' relationship and works best with an initial group of meetings planned to understand the relationship and what the Mentee is seeking to gain, followed by a shared agreement on how progress the relationship.

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My services include: Being your Mentor, arranging your Mentor/Mentee Program in your organisation and/or speaking about Being a Mentor and Mentee in your organisation.

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