What do you normally wear Lisa?

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Time with a Stylist, Hair-dresser, Bra fitter & Make-up artist ...

Community Project - Sandhurst Women's Business Network

Sometimes the best work you do is in your local community. I host a Women's Business Network in my suburb, Sandhurst. We're a lifestyle suburb, stuck in the middle of farms however surrounded by the luxury of 36 fairways of golf and a gorgeous Golf Club. We're remote, and many of us appreciate the connection of other women who operate their business from their 'home' office.

Our network meets regularly (for coffee on the last Thursday of the month) and we host evening skill building events. Our next event is on the 28th of June 2018 - we will be learning how to use Facebook to market our businesses without spending money!

Photos on this page are taken by our resident artist and photographer, @michaela.treloar.art


Designing events

With my background of learning design and my business as a specialist in leadership development, I know how to design events which engage people, help people learn and have a fun experience. It's these experiences which build create community cultures.