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Join Louise in one of her programs to develop your leadership capability. 

Workshops create the platform for participants to learn from the experience of a shared conversation and the opportunity to experiment with the models, techniques and tips. It is also the space to reflect and gather insights to take back to your own space.

A series of short workshops have been designed to create a leadership program which addresses current and future issues.

Louise can customise workshops for you and your organisation or she can offer these popular workshops and programs:

Everyone is a Leader - remove culture mulchers and replace with accountability, trust & respect. Leadership is an action, not a role of authority - it works well when everyone is expected to demonstrate leadership, in particular, 'above the line' behaviours.

Wellbeing for Busy Women - a day to reflect, refocus and recharge to identify the busyness which consumes the time need to do the important

Overnight Leadership - get ready to lead, now! Either engage the mindsets of your people, that it's their role to lead, or skill up your staff, quickly, to take on leadership roles. Includes a series of short workshops, coaching and mentoring.

Team Communication - bolster team relationships by creating a common language to effectively lead people, projects, situations and change.

Facilitation Skills - leaders work effectively when they engage their people in conversations which are collaborative and innovative. Gone are the days when you dictate what people must do - we've learnt more efficient and effective methods to get everyone on board. 

Feedback Skills -  elevate your communication skills by adopting feedback frameworks and techniques to reinforce and correct behaviours and performance in the team.

Look Good Inside Out - a workshop for women to learn their style personality to feel comfortable and confident about the way they look.

Let's connect to discuss these workshops - connect with me: 0458130100 or louise@louisethomson.net 

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