Presentation Skills Program


Many people join others in raising their hand when asked if they 'fear' making presentations i.e. public speaking. It's a skill which few practise enough to confidently present with great presence. 

Which group are you in?

I work with teams to improve their effectiveness and regularly coach individuals to build their presentation skills. There is no excuse for a poorly planned and delivered presentation.

This is what we cover off:

-          design and prepare presentations – how to create your message, apply an effective method and prepare to deliver in a confident manner which suits the client profile and presentation objective

-          create a mindset to sell your service during your presentations

-          identify, understand and interact with the audience with a heightened awareness of their learning

-          establish rapport with your audience to understand the motives behind their behaviour to enable your approach to alter and align with their needs

-          identify key strengths, roles and processes for partner and group presentations

-          command the use of technology and visual aids to support your presentation

-          adapt your presentations to be mindful of: different workplace environments, cultures, demographics and generations, and

-          evaluate your effectiveness and identify improvement strategies for all presentations.

This program works best when spread over a few days, for example: three times, three hour sessions. This allows for pre-work to be completed and multiple practises of the applied learning. The program is easily customized to meet your organisation's needs. 



Please connect with me to understand how we can build a program to suit your needs.