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circles of control

This technique was created by the late Dr Stephen Covey in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In his first habit, we learn about our energy use and misuse. 

Spending our energy in the right space rather than what you have no control over, let alone influence, is your chocie.

There are primarily two circles - Circle of Concern - what you have no control over: peoples' emotions, peoples' actions and adversities. The second circle, which is generally smaller, is our energy circle of Circle of Influence. This is what we can influence, which is defined by our network of relationships. The key to influence lies in understanding the human condition, authority, conversational skills and the building of relationships.

Exercise: Draw three circles, one sitting inside the other and a larger on the outside. In the larger circle,  fill it with words which describe the issues you are feeling. It might be about our health, 

In the middle circle, of the words you've written, which ones can you influence? How can your behaviour, influence other people's behaviour about the matter of concern?

The third circle, (an optional circle to focus on) include only that which you can control. It is about your self awareness ability - it's how you manage your language, emotion and body.

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