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Louise Thomson



Louise operates her practice from her golf course office in the south east of Melbourne. She is often tempted to play golf however, she's motivated to work with people who want to tap into their team's strengths, and dial up their own strengths.

Louise works with individuals and teams and people refer Louise because of her personality, proven performance and persistence to achieve the outcomes being sought

She's worked with many businesses representing a multitude of industries and sectors at different maturity stages of business. She consults, mentors, coaches, trains, facilitates and is a key note speaker. Her diverse range of skills enables you to work with one person to achieve your leadership development goal.

An exert from Louise's Bio:

Louise worked in the '80s, 90's and into the new millennium in the finance sector which was typically a very blokey world. She quickly made her presence felt by confidently navigating her career and the corporate ladder where few women ventured.  Her experiences included Sales & Marketing, Learning & Education, Human Resources, Project Management and Change Management. Louise's final role found her being the Head of Operations for Credit Risk Management - a return to the world of influencing men.

Refer to Louise's profile on LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/louise-thomson-leadership

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