Louise Thomson

Louise operates her Leadership Development practice from the 'green' suburb of Sandhurst in the south east of Melbourne. It's a Golf Club estate and Louise is often tempted to stop working and play golf. However, she's motivated to work with people who are committed to tap into their potential and their team's strengths - before she picks up her club

Aspiring leaders, project managers faced with implementing organisational change and those leaders who are scaling the organisational ladder will value the contribution Louise will make to their progress and achievement.

Louise worked in the '80s, 90's and into the new millennium in the finance sector which was typically a very blokey world. She quickly made her presence felt by confidently navigating her career and the corporate ladder where few women ventured.  Her experiences included Sales & Marketing, Learning & Education, Human Resources, Project Management and Change Management. Louise's final role found her being the Head of Operations for Credit Risk Management - a return to the world of influencing men.

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Impacting Local Women

Louise is founder and facilitator of the Sandhurst Women's Business Network where 250 women connect, communicate and celebrate operating their own business and being women in business. Her goal, with other women, is to make an impact in her local community - putting women first.

Together with Jules Torrs (Stylist), Lisa McIntosh (Cake designer/model of the night), Claire Gorman (Hair technician) and Danielle Marrs (Make-up Artist) - Louise (MC) hosted local business women to educate fellow members about how to style themselves to accentuate their features and hide their flaws! 

More information about Louise can be located on LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/louise-thomson-leadership

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