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Put me in front of your group!

I was told once that I had 'more front than Myers' which is a very Melbourne saying ... which is where I live and operate my Leadership Development Practice.

I am a confident and experienced woman who has worked in the corporate world, faced change in all aspects of personal and business life and have enjoyed raising my children whilst operating solo in the leafy south east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Whatever industry, sector, gender or generation you represent, I know how to work with you as my speciality is relationships. Let's work together to solve the problem with my leadership intelligence and expertise.

An exert from Louise's Bio:

Louise worked in the '80s, 90's and into the new millennium in the finance sector which was typically a very blokey world. She quickly made her presence felt by confidently navigating her career and the corporate ladder where few women ventured.  Her experiences included Sales & Marketing, Learning & Education, Human Resources, Project Management and Change Management. Louise's final role found her being the Head of Operations for Credit Risk Management - a return to the world of influencing men.

Refer to Louise's profile on LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/louise-thomson-leadership

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