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2017 is another year of operating my Leadership Development practice from my home office in our quiet leafy suburb of Sandhurst. It's a Golf Club estate and yes, I enjoy a game of golf.



I also enjoy working with people who know that they have the potential to offer more of themselves to others. That might mean you're a team leader and you want to be the next CEO or you're implementing changes and you want your staff to be accountable during the change.


Louise worked in the '80s, 90's and into the new millennium in the finance sector which was typically a very blokey world. She quickly made her presence felt by confidently navigating her career and the corporate ladder where few women ventured.  Her experiences included Sales & Marketing, Learning & Education, Human Resources, Project Management and Change Management. Louise's final role found her being the Head of Operations for Credit Risk Management - a return to the world of influencing men.


A career highlight for Louise involved influencing the right people to select her as the first person to read the morning news on NAB's in-house national television program. This led to changing roles and  becoming a regular host of a leadership coaching segment which she wrote, managed and edited.

Featured in the NAB's magazine - 1997.

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International Experience

During her corporate career Louise joined a leadership development organisation, Junior Chamber International (Jaycees) which opened a whole new world for Louise's interest in people's potential. In addition to local roles of Victorian and Australian President, Louise was elected World Vice President assigned to Pakistan, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Nepal. These assignments added to her eclectic group of skills to help businesses and communities build relationships, boost team performance and shift peoples' mindsets and influence their behaviour choices. 

Louise is wearing her Shalwar Kameez in 1999 - an important outfit to adapt to the culture of Pakistan

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Inspiring Leadership

Louise focuses on Mentoring & Coaching individuals & teams to build their leadership capability. Teaching skills, guiding goals setting and inspiring everyone to experiment with Leadership. She is a trainer of public short leadership skills workshops and facilitates programs within organisations. 



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Connecting Women

Louise is the founder & facilitator of the Sandhurst Women's Business Network where over 200 women connect, communicate and celebrate operating their own business and being women. 

Jules Torrs (Stylist), Lisa McIntosh (Cake designer and model of the night), Claire Gorman (Hair technician) and Danielle Marrs (Make-up Artist) - local business women educating members about how to style themselves to accentuate their features and hide their flaws! 



In addition to the life full of family, friends, food and french champagne, Louise imposes many challenges on herself and others! She's run four half marathons, walked 100km in 28 hours raising $10k with three neighbours and she recently completed reading 52 books in 52 weeks and blogged her learnings - read here.


More information about Louise can be located on LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/louise-thomson-leadership

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