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We've been using this technique for many years, in various formats and it always achieves the expected result. That is, identifying the behaviours which we all want to agree on to improved our relationships which affect the bottom line.

Above and Below the Line Behaviours, or The Line of Choice emphasise that we have a choice when faced with a situation. A choice with the behaviour we respond with - all in a split second.

Exercise: When you find a discrepancy in a piece of work you give someone to do, how do you react? What do you say? What's your immediate response? Do you point it out to them? Do you tell them that they are an idiot? Do you tell others that they've made a stuff up? It's very easy to fall into these unhelpful patterns of behaviour. 

What this emphasises is the choice you have to either blame (below) or take responsibility for their accountability (above).

You can read more about this technique at: Global Leadership Foundation

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