create space to plan

In preparation for your 2016 planning, consider creating space. By space, I mean a clean, clear and conscious mind to enable you to travel the journey of possibilities in the future. Our mind is cluttered with way too much stuff, requiring us to squeeze past thoughts, memories and emotions.

Creating space requires you to remove: the quiet and loud voices in your head, memories of previous plans which you've attempted and not completed and any doubt about your abilities which lingers.

Creating space requires you to practise: journaling on paper or on your device - your thoughts and feelings in relation to activities and experiences in your day, observing what others are doing which you admire and inspired by and providing feedback to others - telling people what you've wanted to share with them (positive & negative) in a constructive approach (refer to my previous Blogs using SBI).

Successful planning is attributed to the time and space created in the preparation stage - like change, it's works best when everyone is engaged. In this case, engaging your mind, controlling it to work for you rather than against you.

Off you go and create space to plan - it's time for a #new90dayplan.