What do you want to be?

Do you ask this question when you meet kids?

My kids generally get asked this question when they meet adults for the first time. I’m always surprised with the responses as it changes all the time! My daughter responded last week with “a sports teacher” and my son “a racing car driver”. It’s all relative to what’s happening ‘in’ the moment and what's '

I ask adults this same question! “What do you want to be?” And the general response is “I’m not sure!” Which is fair enough – as we are bombarded with so many changes, choices and options in our life – how does one keep focused on an idea?!

So, when I stumbled across a TED Talk by 13 year old Logan LaPlante I finally heard an excellent response to this question. It’s so simple and I know that most people want to respond with these words however their ego gets in the way!

The response: To be happy!

That then leads to the next question – What do you currently do that makes you happy? 

In leadership, it’s about asking these and many more questions during your conversations to help people achieve happiness doing what they do!