When it's freezing ...

I live on a golf estate, where there is generally a lot of green - as far as the eye can see. At the moment, it's white. And white means it's freezing - way too cold to run, walk or anything that requires stepping outside. 

So, rather than roll over I jumped up and got a jump start on the day. Working from home it's easy to be distracted with domesticity - so I tackled the kitchen, breakfast, school lunches, tidied the house and even my office is ready for the week - all done while the household snoozed. 

When it's freezing or at times when you are prevented from completing your intended task/project it's so important to have your work list of what's need to be achieved - your prioritised contingency plan. 

Being a sole trader and a previous corporate office operator, I know how important time and dead-lines are - I know can immediately pick up and tackle a different project which requires several tackle point strategies:

RESEARCH: Most projects require some form of exploration to arrive at the data to create components of the project. Dig, dig and dig to find the data you need.

READ: No matter what we're working on, there is generally someone who has written about the subject matter. Reading for 30 minutes a day about your speciality can fuel your brain with ideas and thoughts. 

RING: Humans are social beings - we're meant to communicate. I always have a list of people who I want to connect with to help me achieve my business project goals - whilst it's easy to email, message or tweet them, a conversation is powerful.

REST: Take the opportunity to slow down and care for yourself - it won't be freezing for long! 

As the 'white' continues to cover the landscape, get smart with your time; then make time to venture out when the sun pops out.

How do you do it?

I recently met with a 'Mentee' and she commented "how do you do it?" - "a businesswomen with a young family". It stopped me in my tracks, as I generally wonder how others do it!

We all have the same number of hours allocated to us and for some reason, some do it while others watch you do it!

From my observation it comes down to: choice and the techniques, processes and approach we take to accomplish what's on our list.

Choice is the mental piece - it's the tough one to crack. Do I choose to get up early, go to bed early, watch TV until midnight, go to the gym during my lunch break, eat a carrot rather than a donut etc. It's the continuous conversation in your head which is either connected or disconnected to your values and drive.

The techniques, processes and approach is all skill based - learnt with experience. For example:  writing goals, prioritising activities and creating a plan are second nature for those that regularly practise. My approach involves talking, asking and testing ideas - then writing it down and acting on ot! It works for me!

The main point is, if it ain't working for you and you're not doing it - then ask for help. Get a Coach, a Mentor, seek someone out whom you've observed 'doing it' and question them - "How do you do it?"

I host a Women's Business Network in my suburb; we have our own private Facebook page and meet regularly to discuss our business ideas & issues. I'm in another network with four other women and we're always asking "How do you do it?"

Don't stop asking!