Can We Co-exist?

Can We Co-exist In The Office, Roads ... In Life?

I'm on the edge of my seat watching the concluding episodes of Cordon - a Belgium drama being aired on SBS in Australia. We peer into peoples' lives in the fish bowl as they are cordoned off  due to a virus outbreak - required to co-exist with people - in particular, an office team living in their workplace.

On the radio this morning, John Faine #abc774 questioned if motorists and cyclists can co-exist on the roads? We were asked as listeners to consider if  it's our attitude and behaviour which is causing the 'dooring' deaths in our suburbs.

When people are forced to share the same space in a work environment (we generally don't get the chance to choose our work colleagues, let alone the team reporting to us) we survive or lead.

Survival is all about me! Focusing on what works for me and what the device in my hand tells me! We consider what's best for ourselves first before thinking or feeling for others.

Leading to co-exist is all about assessing, observing, reading and 'smelling' the culture & climate of the community and being the person which the people need and what the situation requires. 

Pushing peoples' panic button by urging them to do what is outside their personality comfort zone are potentially necessary for 'survival' (whether it's to live through an epidemic or arrive home safe from a bike-ride) however, it's your approach and attitude which will determine the outcome.

Yes we can co-exist and it does take an inordinate continuous effort and great leadership.

Which Apps increase your productivity?

I'm not a techo head but I do get excited listening to people talk about their favorite app!

Whether it's for social, visual or business reasons, a new app can make a difference to your life!  Or, can it be devisive?

My morning ritual at 5am is to work through all my interactive apps, a few quick posts/responses and I'm finding that my five minutes is now 10 minutes! Yikes! I need that five minutes to do my warm-up!

This was a timely reminder declutter my Apps; unlike my fashion wardrobe (I'm ruthless), I'll find this a tough act to complete. However if I work on the elimination theory that I should be able to live with five apps based on productivity, stakeholder reach and efficiency - what would they be? 

Here are my Top Five that live in one folder: 

1. Evernote - the fact I can work between office and iPad I don't need to print or copy anything for meetings, workshops etc. I also share my workbooks or forms - allowing for last minute changes & costs.

2. Dropbox - for similar reasons - love to share files which are being worked on by project teams, clients and required while away from office.

3. LinkedIn - whilst I find it very clunky, it's still a great quick way to connect with people in my broader network.

4. Blog - my website host, Squarespace, allows me to 'blog on the go' - capturing photos and videos along the way - it's very cool! I generally have 2-3 bogs in draft and it allows me to quickly update.

5. Twitter - yes, very efficient! I search for information, contacts & experts. It's great for news, research and spreading your own knowledge & business news.