enabling decision making

Enabling Decision Making

Being a leader, you are in your position to either make decisions or enable others to make decisions. 

For many, waiting for decisions to be made can be excruciating. Respect and trust fly out the window as the duration of the unknown lingers and casts doubt. Whereas some people appreciate the fact that time and thinking are factors of the process.

Either way, if you share a decision making model/s, you are more likely to understand the approach to reach the decision. Communicating the stages of the decision making process also keeps people engaged.

Enabling others to make decisions is an important leadership approach. Fostering accountability and stating your desire to be confident in your team and employees will have a profound effect on your business.

I believe this is a great little model for decision making. It uses value and effort to determine the approach. There are many other complex techniques, which suit others, however in our busy complex world, the simple solutions are often remembered and practised.

Value/Effort Decision Making Model

This is useful if you are creating a new idea, product, service, strategy and require a selection process to identify which to proceed with, or not. 

When I design and facilitate I need to make quick decisions as I'm generally bound by a quick time-frame so I find I use this model regularly. I often find that many ideas end up in the 'needs work' quadrant! So, it's always back to the drawing board to find an idea which has little effort and high value. 

Let me know about your decision making models which you use with your team to enable them to lead effectively.

And, get in touch if you're a procrastinator! Leaders can't be guilty of this crime!