Here I am, at my 21st book, reviewing its content using my leadership lens. To be honest, the lens fell off at times and I found myself shifting in my seat with the discomfort of truth.  Powerful questions made me stop and ponder, thinking about my current life, causing more discomfort.

My new discomfort is still being experienced as I am yet to complete the many exercises I commenced (they could take some time which I don’t have at the moment) which all appeared so very worthwhile. (I hope I get back to them.)

The Unlimited Self by Jonathan Heston was a free download onto my Kindle. I was dubious … as they say ‘you get what you pay for’ so I was pleasantly surprised that I was onto something great.

Jonathan has produced a useful ‘self-help’ book which I believe is a crucial read for those who are either looking for the next best thing in life or on the extreme end of the life continuum, experiencing doubt in their life and need support; in particular, guidance with a path or map to follow.

From a leadership perspective, The Unlimited Self offers a new communication style and language to help the leader understand how to help people who are in their comfort zone and need to be pushed to their edge – to feel some vulnerability or at least feel a need for change.

I highlighted these particular statements which I’ve reread a few times:

·        Accept the reality of your weakness – its feedback where you can grow.

·        Perceptions hold you back – from where you are and where you want to be

·        Limiting beliefs are stories our mind feeds us which limit who we are and where we want to go. They disempower instead of empowering us.

·        We need to love and respect ourselves or everything disintegrates. We are the only filter between the world and ourselves.

·        Authenticity is you being the best you that you can possibly be.

·        Work harder on who you are, more than what you do.

·        How we view others is often a mirror of how we view ourselves.

·        Vulnerability is one of the most difficult habits to practice and develop. But it’s also incredibly rewarding

Like many of the books I have been reading, it is crowded with quotes … here’s a powerful one which: 


To destroy our limiting beliefs, and uncover the inner greatness, Jonathon suggests we need to reprogram our future self by:

·        Practising forgiveness as it is fundamental to free your perspective – even if you forgive yourself first. Try writing a forgiveness letter (you don’t have to send it).

·        Talking to our self! Try talking to yourself in the mirror (without giggling), out loud with meaning. Make powerful statements about your identity.

·        Meditating to be comfortable with yourself – 15-30 minutes a day (Yikes – this is my discomfort)

·        Use a journal morning and evening – writing questions that you seek to be answered by your subconscious mind and using it to write what you appreciate in life (I’ve changed from gratitude to appreciation.)

·        Find a group of people who allow you to be your future self – who are also wanting to live on the edge.

Reading books like this one make you pause from your busy hectic life. They make you ask questions of yourself and hopefully you’ll make time to answer them truthfully. Powerfully simple questions such as “Am I happy?”

To be an effective authentic leader, I suggest you read this book as it’s a great little tool to help you to help your team of followers be authentic. You could read it together!

Note: I also felt a level of discomfort with the references to ‘God’ in the second half of the book. I found it evoked my cynicism (very unlike me) and I am yet to understand why. I almost stopped reading the book because of this, however, I soldiered on, thankfully.


I’m endeavouring to read 52 Business/Professional/Personal Development books in 52 weeks. Yep, that’s one a week. As I read each book, I’ll share my thoughts, learning and recommendations. If there is a book that you’ve been meaning to read, let me know and I’ll read it for us!


How To Be An Agent For Change

I type fast. My mind dictates messages and my fingers attempt to keep up with the words, grammar and punctuation!  

I need this speed to capture the plethora of data for the design & development of programs, articles and even these leadership thoughts.

Today I'm creating a 60 minute interactive workshop for 60 people who want to be Change Agents in their organisation of Volunteers. Yikes - my fingers have frozen!

I have too much data and I need to eliminate some great stuff and decide which bits are the best to share about being an Agent!

What do you think of these three skills?

Emotional Intelligence:  Agents need to have EQ to understand the dynamics of any resistance to change they encounter. To do that, they need to practise and role model the seven skills of EQ (Genos Model). Ranging from being emotionally self aware to the extent of the emotional management of others - the ability to influence the moods of others; skills sought after in leaders today! 

Story Telling: Agents tell stories to influence change. Good memorable repeatable stories which enable the listener to immediately connect with the story intent, it's learning message and call to action. A story of mine is quoted in the new book 'Hooked ' by Yamini Naidou & Gabrielle Dolan - I liken the neglect of checking pockets for tissues before completing a 'dark wash' to the irresponsibility of sending emails without checking them for mistakes and incorrect data! A quick task vs a time consuming clean-up.

 Coaching: Agents guide people. They ask purposely prepared questions to help people be more accountable for their actions and inaction. They help people identify what they fear underlying their observed resistance and help people establish their own goals & actions to take a more productive and realistic approach to the changes in their world.

Yes, only three. I only have 60 minutes with 60 people!

Which Skills would you have on your Top Three for Being an Agent For Change? 

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