Rediscover the skill of DISSENT

Are you punishing the dissenter in the room? Professor Charlan Nemeth challenges us to think about how we make decisions and how we encourage decision making in the workplace. No! is a book which will polarise the workplace community as we operating in a world which wants to get along and makes decisions by consensus methods.

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Be Bold & Strong - Adopt a Change

Be Bold - Adopt a Change

It's that dirty word - CHANGE!

If you attempt to just throw the word into the wash, things will get dirty - even ugly.

We're change weary as we still haven't worked how best to approach change - either being the giver or the receiver of the change.

Being Bold may require you to adopt a change first, role-modelling the change or consequence of the change. Being Strong is being honest with your feedback and thoughts about the change rather than reading the company script.

Being Bold means volunteering to adopt the change amongst your colleagues or friends/family. Being Strong is giving it a good crack - enough time for the change to take affect and speak with authority.

The Change may be small or large scale and if no-one follows or joins in it will never get the chance to be tested.

Imagine life without your handheld device, driving without SIRI, a machine which washes your dishes and one which washes your clothes and running clothes which absorb your perspiration!

Change is great. Be Bold & Strong and adopt a change today!