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Lou's Leadership Views: Thanks A Million

We’re acknowledging the many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Volunteers around Australia this week by saying, “thanks a million”.

You hear people say, “where would our country be without Volunteers” and it’s true, but maybe we don’t understand one of the meanings associated with this quote.

Volunteerism has a ‘Win-Win-Win’ effect on society. The organisation providing help, the person/people being helped and then there is the hero, the Volunteer. They feel a sense of self-worth, they learn through the process of helping and knowing from first hand, you feel ‘a better person’.

It dawned on me yesterday that the Leadership I experienced through volunteering myself over the many years in Junior Chamber International outweighed the opportunities provided in my corporate career. Mind you, considering the hours I worked, I think I volunteered at work as well!

Do you volunteer? Considered it? Go on, try it out or maybe do more of it. I am – I’ve been a bit lazy and it’s time to give more. I’ll say “Thanks a Million” in advance!