The Productive Working From Home Movement

Just about everyone I speak with lately either works from home or spends a couple of days a week creating their home as their workspace.

I recall escaping the office 15 years ago to focus (note, key word) on a project or in particular, Performance Appraisals! However, as I ventured out the door with a borrowed lap-top and bundle of files, I felt so stressed that I had forgotten something or I hadn't left enough notes for the team.

Today with technology on our side and the expectation that working elsewhere is the norm, the question bubbles up, are we an effective and productive movement?

I enjoy the warmth and quiet of the home office (except for the talk back radio to keep me company) and the phone on mute while I focus on projects. I especially like the fact I can work around the kids school hours and control my diary to meet my needs.

However, I'm unsure if I'm more effective and efficient than those in an open plan workspace. If you can get in 'the zone', you can work.  

I am confident that I am super productive because there isn't the human factor. Our movement limits the personalities of humans which need our attention: interruptions, loud conversations and activities. We have more control of 'our zone'; I equate 3 hours of work to a whole day in a workplace!

Not everyone has the ability to work from home - there have always been reasons and excuses. Being capable to change the workspace, processes, rules etc to enable people to focus is your role as the leader.

May the movement grow and support others to experience the change.


Simple time saving activities for 2015

I am ruthless.

In the past, this is the day that I complete the annual Christmas Card List cull - new folks added and a batch dispatched. I've since stopped writing them and prefer sending personalized printed New Year cards to a select group of clients.

However, it hasn't stopped by culling tradition!

Today I spent time unsubscribing to the many emails I receive - many which I've allowed to tease me over many months. Yes, I unsubscribed to all my favorite shops, airlines and hotels and I stopped counting at 30! Yep, that would be 30 emails that I would receive during one week which I no longer need to open, peruse, become immersed in and lost in time.

Being a small business, I don't have the traffic of email which companies and governments receive and create; rarely am I CC'd, let alone BCC'd, and these days I use other modes and mechanisms to connect. So, to trim down the in-box is a super little exercise.

With my new Phablet I've purposely avoided persisting trying to cut my contacts over; I've allowed incoming calls to register and with one button (I don't know how) all their details appear in my new device. Bloody marvelous!

And, I decreed on New Year's Eve that I would stop 'Liking' on Facebook and some other Social Media! How refreshing it has been to save on those keystrokes and taps - all time wasters sucking into my productive periods of work and physical social inter-activeness.

My final time-saving activity has been to review who I follow on Twitter - I have selected 10 people to unfollow everyday for five days and found two new people/companies to follow these same days. Again, a refreshing activity. And whilst I feel sad when people unfollow me (the numbers drop) it only takes some good sharing, re-tweeting and following to see those numbers return!

What have you done to find a few extra minutes of productive time? I'm open to ideas & suggestions. (Just don't email me!)