Ready for change?

With Australian Politics under the spotlight, we can and should use this opportunity to contemplate the potential of this 'swift activity' occurring in our life.

Is there any possibility that you could be spilled in your role, organisation, friendship - any relationship?

Have you experienced a drastic change which occurred within hours?  Of course you have: resignations, redundancies, relationship break-ups, project cancellations, pregnancies (!) and the list continues.

The lesson here is, we should always be ready for change. Some folk could see the spill coming in the political arena - up in the stalls of the grandstand they observe and commentate.

However, how often do we ask our commentators to give us feedback and seek advice given what they see us doing and not doing?

My advice is the need to plan.

Plan to make mistakes; plan for failure; plan for successes; plan for spills in our life.

If we carry on as we do, with limited planning we'll be taken by surprise and on the back foot. 

People who have current plans will have a 2nd and 3rd approach up their sleeve.

We're finalising our Ultimate Planning Workshop - maybe we should invite some of the Federal Polititians! 


Will your New Year's Resolution create a Revolution or Movement?

It’s the start to our financial year – a time to kick off a new budget, implement a new plan, and set tougher goals and targets. 

I always get excited with a new year – I set challenges for myself in an attempt to keep with the pace of change. I know what I want, what I really need and I like to dream of bigger and better changes in my business!

Listening to people discuss their business plans and observing what they do I often see a void in wants and needs and in particular their ‘change plan’. It’s a simple void (easily avoidable) - no matter how courageous the change is - if they avoid getting people involved in the planning then it’s tougher and costlier to get them on-board down the track. How many times have you seen the revolt towards change?

Not everyone wants to join the change movement; however your resolution can be about:

  • Talking openly about the creation of the budgets, plans goals and targets
  • Explaining ‘the why’ – rather than the what, who, when
  • Asking "how are we going to achieve or meet or exceed?"

Leaders facilitate conversations and today’s an opportunity to create a movement which people want to join to achieve and exceed your goals.