Do you practise like Katy?

Wow! I experienced an amazing orchestrated production last night. For one who isn't into live concerts, theatre and the ballet (and I’m still not) I was totally impressed with this show.

Katy Perry. Yep, the diva from California, USA. She deserves a sentence on her own!

I didn't know many of her songs and my daughter (7) knew just as many. However, along with a group of girlfriends and attached Mums, we were entertained for over two hours. And every second, minute and hour was organised beyond your imagination.

As I sip strong coffee and attempt to navigate this keyboard, thank heavens I can touch-type, I am still in awe of what the ‘crew’ pulled off.

When working with people who lack confidence in speaking publicly, they look to people who demand attention on stage, feeling overwhelmed that they could never achieve this status. Understandably, it’s always the first conversation about ‘who do you admire’ that identifies the people who put in the hard yards, the practise, the sweat and tears over the years to arrive at this level of confidence.

Katy practises. She practises every day. If you want an orchestrated production it will come. It takes practise.