Put One Foot Forward


I read last year that the way to complete a half marathon is to put one foot forward. Yep, simple as that!

Whilst out this morning, I was struggling but determined to run at least 5km without stopping and this mantra kicked in - just put one foot forward. And that I did and I managed to complete 6km which is still a minuscule of what I should be running.

In our businesses and simply in our whole life, we can apply this mantra:

Put my question forward - how many times do you sit in a meeting and the most important question hasn't been asked. You have the question in your head and cheat the group by avoiding the consequence of the question.

Put myself forward - whether it's to offer help, volunteer your talent or to be the first follower (aka Dancing Guy video) to support someone achieve their endeavor.

Put my story forward - we know that stories are a powerful way to help people understand the information you're conveying. Ditch the big white screen or the handout and simply tell a story from the heart to get your message across to others.  

Put my idea forward - if you continue to get the same results due to repetitive behaviour its time to put your idea forward - it could make a difference.

Put One Foot Forward - if like me you are keen to live a long healthy life to see your kids and other important folk live a great life then you have to put one foot forward in the direction of exercise, moderation in choices and healthy food. I've not had a coffee for two weeks and I'm surviving!

 What will you put forward? Give it some thought and have meaning & purpose in your drive to keep putting it forward.