My Thinking Hiatus!


I’ve returned from my thinking hiatus. Yep, I was on holiday with the family and quickly turned the Hiatus 'on' when the AT&T women in LA said “you’re phone is locked, best not use your phone”! My reaction surprised me, as I was calm and polite and decided that this was a positive result. No phone for 22 days! Yippee!

My iPad was operational, however I couldn’t send emails. The calm continued and realised that this was a message to heed. It was time to switch off, totally.

Having a thinking hiatus was rewarding. I connected with my kids at all levels; enjoying all their joyrides, thrills and excitement. I didn’t watch TV for this whole period and managed to read one book the entire trip. I played games, said “yes” to most things and ate hot dogs, McDonalds and lots of hot chips!

Turning off didn’t charge my batteries let alone inject my creativity it just allowed me to be me.

We’re expected to use our ‘mind, heart and hand’ continuously, no matter which world we live in – managing business, family and socially – there’s a load to juggle.

Whilst it was tough going, planning and living each day with 2 kids, a husband and a parent - at the end of the day, falling into bed each night was a rewarding feeling.

My problem is, I’m searching for my 'Hiatus off’ button. Does anyone have the manual?!