Rediscover Your Drive

It's officially Golf Month in Australia. Did you know that?

I tripped over this fact whilst reading our community email advertising all the events being held at our @sandhurstclub.

What caught my attention was the effective slogan - REDISCOVER YOUR DRIVE

If it's not golf, then what is your drive that requires rediscovering?

If it's not golf, then what is your drive that requires rediscovering?

How cool is that. For me, it says "stop, slow down, think and consider, what haven't I done for so long that I loved doing and was I pretty good at it!  Now, this could be so many things: sport, hobbies, a specific skill, something you studied, an aspect of a previous role, cooking, cleaning (joking!) and the list continues.

Tell me that you don't need to read further; just answer this tough question: What innate energizing force have you been suppressing for way too long?

It's a gorgeous day today - why not stop, slow down, think and consider how you might rediscover this drive.

If you can't do it on your own - shout out, and I'll send you a couple of tools to help you.

Alternatively, if you need time out and work well in a group setting, you may benefit from one of our workshops in the Driving Your Life program which targets this subject. 

I'm off to hit a few balls!

Leaders can learn from Adam Scott

I am so proud to be an Australian today.

Adam Scott has won the US Masters in Augusta - the first Australian (and a young man  that he is) to crack this tough competition.

He recogised all the key folk that have supported him, attributed some of his win to the famous Australian Golfer, Greg Norman, his fellow competitors and family.

What I'd like to highlight is that Golf is a difficult game - you practise, you accept coaching, feedback and mentoring; anything to master your game practice.

Here's hoping that Leaders can take note and aim to be a great leader like Adam Scott is to his profession.