Simple time saving activities for 2015

I am ruthless.

In the past, this is the day that I complete the annual Christmas Card List cull - new folks added and a batch dispatched. I've since stopped writing them and prefer sending personalized printed New Year cards to a select group of clients.

However, it hasn't stopped by culling tradition!

Today I spent time unsubscribing to the many emails I receive - many which I've allowed to tease me over many months. Yes, I unsubscribed to all my favorite shops, airlines and hotels and I stopped counting at 30! Yep, that would be 30 emails that I would receive during one week which I no longer need to open, peruse, become immersed in and lost in time.

Being a small business, I don't have the traffic of email which companies and governments receive and create; rarely am I CC'd, let alone BCC'd, and these days I use other modes and mechanisms to connect. So, to trim down the in-box is a super little exercise.

With my new Phablet I've purposely avoided persisting trying to cut my contacts over; I've allowed incoming calls to register and with one button (I don't know how) all their details appear in my new device. Bloody marvelous!

And, I decreed on New Year's Eve that I would stop 'Liking' on Facebook and some other Social Media! How refreshing it has been to save on those keystrokes and taps - all time wasters sucking into my productive periods of work and physical social inter-activeness.

My final time-saving activity has been to review who I follow on Twitter - I have selected 10 people to unfollow everyday for five days and found two new people/companies to follow these same days. Again, a refreshing activity. And whilst I feel sad when people unfollow me (the numbers drop) it only takes some good sharing, re-tweeting and following to see those numbers return!

What have you done to find a few extra minutes of productive time? I'm open to ideas & suggestions. (Just don't email me!)