All about that space!

All about that space!

Arranging and organizing a group of people in one space (including people being beamed in via Skype, phone etc) comes with responsibilities to effectively engage people to achieve the objective of the gathering.

Consider: the agenda, location, seating, refreshments, sound, lighting and access to the toilets! In addition to these items 'it's all about that space'. By space, I specifically mean the quality and quantity of the 'room' you provide for the gathering. 

How many meetings do you attend which require you to find space behind a rectangle shaped table which guarantee easy eye contact with only two people in the room?

When considering the purpose and outcomes being sought with your gathering, you must view the room through the eyes of the group. Excite them with a change: no tables, no Powerpoint, no chairs or place coloured paper, thick markers and money at each table! 

In the process of designing and developing team days, conferences, workshops etc I initially ask for photos of the space we'll be working in and the additional space which we have access to e.g. outdoors, food/coffee areas. I need to know what can be achieved in the space available: can we freely move around, can small groups form at small tables to privatly discuss a problem and is their quiet corners to move to, to chill out.

Don't arrive at your room to discover an immovable board room table and walls/windows which Blue Tack isn't to be affixed to!

Finally, fill your space with sound and music - ensure you have an effective 'boom box' or the room has the facility to plug in your sound and beam the YouTube of 'All about that Space'.