Do you celebrate Hump Day?


The day which we strive to survive in order to see the weekend on the horizon.

We sometimes celebrate it (any excuse to have a wine during the week!) - especially if it's been a tough few days. 

Whilst I enjoy my week of work, I do look forward to Friday night and my weekend. We celebrate the week @ 5pm with champagne & chips, reviewing what was great and plan out the weekend.

What I want to differentiate is that some folk whinge, whine or worry about their week and on the weekend do the same about the following week! I'm not saying they are negative folk, they are expressing their unhappiness about their current state of being.

I offer you a tool which you can use with those who you hear being unhappy about their work/life.  It's a conversation model which opens the opportunity to discuss how to make decisions, choices, changes, when faced with a crossroad in life.

The Crossroads Model - The Grove Consulting Firm, SF, USA

The Crossroads Model - The Grove Consulting Firm, SF, USA

It can be completed individually but we all know that we 'put off' these types of activities. So, if you can take the lead and do it together, you would be really helping both of you.

If this helps you or a colleague then our Driving Your Life program is a vehicle to make decisions in life. We use numerous reflective and conversation tools to choose the right road to take. 

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Which Model Do You Use To Help You Think?

Which Model Do You Use To Help You Think?

I read a neat book on the plane the other day, The Decision Book : Fifty models for strategic thinking. It’s obviously not a novel and it’s not a heavy business book – it’s a two hour read and an amazing reference book for anyone who needs to think and makes decisions! That would be most of us!

Jammed into a small package, I found myself working through every model and intrigued what the next page would present. There were models which I use on a daily basis and a host of others which I had never heard of let alone seen explained.

So, whilst I’m doing a little promo for the book, I’m highlighting the obvious help that is available at our fingertips to think effectively and make decisions. In leadership, our primary role is to empower our people or those of whom we influence to make their own decisions. Sharing models with a specific framework will enable others to find and identify an outcome (rather than asking you for an answer).

I’ve been facilitating a few workshops for a client and the consistent ‘take-away’ feedback is “now I have a framework to work with”. AHA!

So, which Model do you use? Do you use the same one on a regular basis? I used to; now I’m stretching my repertoire and trying and applying new models. It’s great fun!