Negative People? Project meetings with no time-frame? Retrenchment from a job? Melbourne's Heat? 

These examples are extremes in comparison - some occurring more regularly than others. However, we all have different levels of resilience. Surprisingly, some people have low thresholds and consciously focus on developing themselves to increase this critical leadership strength.

Leaders cope well with resilience by applying these four strategies:

Being positive - the glass is half full - this is a language change until it becomes a mindset change

Being optimistic - different to being positive - this is seeing opportunities to learn from failure and building meaning and purpose

Being Self Aware - able to regulate ones emotions and conscious how their emotions affects others

Receiving & Giving Feedback - any feedback in any form is received positively - it's an opportunity to grow, change & improve; likewise giving feedback is a daily ritual.

Like the runner who trains almost every day (yes, I'm training for a half marathon now) you have to train yourself to be more resilient.