What difference do I make?

I've just completed a program of coaching sessions with a client and my coachee's unsolicited feedback, at the end, was positively heartwarming.

As we lead others, we unconsciously go about some of our activity and don't realize the difference we make with others. 

Taking time to have conversations, following up with the odd electronic message to check their well being or progress with a challenge/issue/matter demonstrates that you care and want to see a difference in their lives.

While working with a group of people yesterday who were interested to understand how to coach others, it was unanimously agreed that leaders can and should help others reach their potential and achieve the difference in their performance.

Maybe you need to stop and think hard to answer this question: What difference do I make? It's one of many questions that we need to consider and answer as leaders.

That's OK.

The important piece of this equation is connecting with your purpose in life. Why are you here? Knowing your purpose engages you with the difference you make in others' lives.

Share this question with your team - it makes for a reflective discussion.

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