Who’s in the Driver’s Seat in your head?

I often hesitate when I pick up the phone to make a call. I admit that I’ve never been fond of the phone – I’d rather be in person or use Skype or Hangout.


“They’ll be in a meeting; too busy to talk.”
“I know they’re not interested in our project.”
“I’m sure they’ll say ‘no’.”

The voice in my head makes these statements! It regularly influences what I do and DON’T do! Let me introduce you to Wimpy Wanda – one of the characters, the freeloaders in my head.


Who’s talking in your head … right now?

Is it Curious Cate, reading everything on Social Media? Or, is it Social Sam, wants to chat rather than tackle the big project or is it Perfect Peter, making you reread and rewrite your presentation?

There are many characters resident in our heads – several unwelcome guests who try and jump in the Driver’s seat, who should be locked in the boot of the car!

When I wake in the morning, it’s generally Focused Fiona who beats the alarm clock, guides me to my pile of running clothes, checks the weather satellite and checks the meeting time! On the odd occasion it’s Procrastinator Pam – with a mile long list of reasons not to run!

I have listened to people during workshops give titles to these voices – becoming more aware that they limit and hinder their control of life’s steering wheel.

With such great resources* available to help manage these voices, Procrastinator Pam gains control and never finds time to order, attend or use these tools. You need to locate Action Adam to sign up and join us on our ‘Driving Your Life’ program - we help you identify with these characters to better control these voices enabling you to jump in the Driver’s seat and take charge of your actions & feelings.

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*A great book is Getting our Act Together: How to Harness the Power of Groups by Glen Ochre