If you're designing a presentation ... ditch the PowerPoint!

I'm speaking at a conference next week which I've known about for several months and I've spent more time than usual designing it in my head which is ringing alarm bells.

I usually do my best creative work in 24 hours leading to the deadline, however the PPT deadline is today and I've only now decided to ditch the PPT! I had only prepared 3 slides and outlined 12 others – but even doing that and receiving the conference template did I start to feel uneasy!

I've asked if the speakers prior to me are using PPT, if so, I'd feel that I was doing the crowd a favour, giving them a rest – but haven't heard back.

Maybe I'm incompetent and embarrassed about my ability to incorporate fancy images and put only one word on a page or my faith in the PPT machine thingy not cooperating is causing my anxiety. Or am I thinking as a confident Facilitator, preferring to engage the group with my whiteboard and flipchart usage?

I'm assigned 40 minutes, including question and introduction time to share my thoughts on ‘Leading in a Digital World’ – self-imposed title!

What I do know is 40 minutes is a long time to stay seated – that the room is large and I can’t help myself by planning on getting them to play Four Corners and get them interacting. This will make it easier than looking at raised hands. We know that the ‘mind will only absorb what the seat can stand’ so getting them to move on two or three occasions should keep them awake and focused on me.

Designing a presentation can be simple. I have a meaningful story to start with, three areas that I will cover off on, three sharp messages within each area and three ‘call to action’ points for the conclusion. Not too much information and an arsenal of questions to pose to the group if I get stuck.

What do you think? What killer presentations do you still remember? Have I made the wrong decision?